Counselling Services


  • that individuals, families and communities have the potential to change, grow           and take responsibility for themselves
  • that family life strengthen when it is supported through communication
  • that healthy family life promotes community well-being
  • in diverse types of family life - all families are affirmed

Through our Family and Counselling Project that exists as a fully developed business unit of FAMSA Pretoria and operates under an executive committee comprising community representatives, a director, an accountant, seven social workers, four auxiliary workers, two administrative personnel and four volunteers.

This project aims to:

  • Keep families together and safe
  • Provide support mechanisms to families in order to be well-functioning and                         self-reliant
  • Keep families as the primary caregivers of family members
  • Improve the well-being of family members within their families and                                       communities
  • Work with families at risk to prevent the removal of family members from the                       home
  • Support the strengths of families and improve the functioning of families so                         that the behavior that led to any crisis is less likely to occur
  • Reunite families and family members who have been removed at some point 

The Services that FAMSA delivers to achieve the project aims are based on two key objectives:


To provide services to children, youth and adults on an individual level and in relationships. These services are delivered through screening, assessment,       counselling, therapy, play-therapy techniques, mediation, information sessions and     referrals.

Utilizing these techniques, we are able to provide: 

  • Short and long term counselling
  • Relationship and marriage counselling
  • Play-therapy techniques for traumatized children
  • Marriage preparation and enrichment programs
  • Individual therapy - depression, personal growth
  • Family counselling
  • Divorce counselling
  • Divorce mediation
  • Grief counselling
  • Employment Assistance programmes
  • Wellness programmes
  • Trauma debriefing
  • Parenting skills
  • Child and parent attachment sessions
  • Anger management
  • Counselling for domestic violence victims
  • Educational talks with the community
  • Preventative services for family stability
  • Advocacy to strengthen families
  • Life Coaching


The second objective in turn supports the first through the provision of training services to all counsellors who deliver these services. In doing this, we are able to provide a specialized and professional service to families. 

All the funds in this project help us to fund our community development projects.




The following is our fee increase from the 1st MAY 2023

Weekday Counselling

Individual counselling - R380 per hour

Couples/Marriage counselling - R400 per hour

Family counselling - R600 for 90 minutes (R520 for 60 minutes)

Mediation session - R1100 for 90 minutes

Parenting Skills Programme - R 3150  (R350 for 9 sessions -1 hour)

        Pre-Marriage Course

      •  Information Session - R 100 for 30 minutes
      •  Questionnaire - R 360 (Couple to pay online)
      •  Feedback session (3-4) - R 380 for each session   
      • Total fee R1980

Saturday Counselling 

Individual counselling - R460 per hour

Couples/Marriage counselling - R490 per hour

Family counselling - R630 per hour

*If you want to claim the fees back from your MEDICAL AID, please contact your medical aid and find out if they cover counselling service fees.

If your medical aid covers counselling service fees, you stil pay FAMSA . We will give you an invoice and you can claim it back from your medical aid.*