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We are a local welfare organization established in 1953.

(NPO Number: 001-4310)

We are affiliated to the FAMSA National umbrella organization.


Our mission is to promote committed relationships that sustain family life. 

We empower people to reconstruct, build, strengthen and maintain flourishing relationships in the family, in marriage and in communities.

We offer a wide variety of services: professional help with your relationship problems, support for community development, trauma debriefing, marriage preparation and licensed training in Pretoria and Tshwane.


We believe
  • that individuals, families and communities have the potential to change, grow and take responsibility for themselves
  • that family life strengthens when it is supported through caring communication
  • that healthy family life promotes community well-being
  • in diverse types of family life - all families are affirmed

Fee Structure

Weekday Counselling

Individual counselling - R290 per hour

Couples/Marriage counselling - R340 per hour

Family counselling - R520 for 90 minutes

Mediation/Legal Info - R360 for 45 minutes

Mediation session - R820 for 90 minutes

Parenting Skills Programme - R1400, can be paid in installments

Fee Structure

Saturday Counselling

Individual counselling - R390 per hour

Couples/Marriage counselling - R440 per hour

Family counselling - R600 for 90 minutes

 Premarriage Course (before you get married)

- Information Session R100 for 30 minutes

- Questionnaire - R350 (Couple to pay online to Life Innovations Inc.)

- Feedback session (3-4) R380 for each session

Total for the course is R1970.00 

 NB!! Only Cash or Debit Card Paying Clients on Saturdays


Happy Chappy Play therapy for Children of Divorce (age 3-8 Years)
This play therapy programme is a specific, child focused programme that was developed to help children deal with the changes and feelings that they  experience when their parents separate or get divorced.
Welcome to FAMSA.  We provide a variety of therapeutic services to adhere to our client’s specific needs. With this page I would like to give you the information regarding a programme that was specifically developed to address the emotional and physical adaption of young children when their parents separate or get divorced.
Why is this therapy important for children of divorce?
Divorce is a difficult adjustment for children and parents. Everyone in the family will be dealing with a variety of emotions. Despite their own challenges with the divorce process parents need to understand how divorce affects their children.  Much of what children understand about divorce depends on their age. At each age, there are certain feelings and reactions that children will experience. 
What will be discussed during the Happy Chappy programme?
During a parental interview a full history about your child and your concerns will be discussed. The purpose of the interview is to understand your child and his/her needs.  Through gaining all the background information and concerns specific focus areas can be identified an assessment is necessary and help you prepare and plan for it.
The Happy Chappy programme is a child friendly programme and children seem to enjoy it very much. Due to the fact that children are very vulnerable and impressionable it is important that they do not feel that “there is something wrong with them”. The programme is developed that they feel that they are simply “playing” and having fun.
The Happy Chappy programme consisting of five x 45 minutes’ sessions:
·        Help the child to understand divorce and discuss changes in family: “Where do I fit”
·         Explain use of their support system: “Yippee, they still love me”
·         Allow them to identify, express and communicate their true feelings. “I feel ok”
·         Help them to have positive self-talk and self-image.” I am a star”
·         Coping skills and problem solving.  Normalizing divorce problems and changes.  “There are changes but I am a rock”
How does the play therapy process work?
Play therapy is a specific therapeutic process where play is used to help your child deal with emotional/social issues.
When do the sessions take place?
Per appointment on Saturday mornings between 9h00-12h00 or Thursday afternoons from 16h00-17h00
Book your session
Make an appointment with FAMSA at 012 460 0733/8
Cost of the programme
The fees for 2015 are R200 per session and sessions are 45 minutes each.
Who will present the programme?
The programme was developed/ and will be presented by Wilma Ehlers MA(SW)  a registered social worker with a specific interest in play therapy.
During the parental interview the therapist can get all the background info but it also allows the parent enough time to decide whether they are comfortable with the counsellor.



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